Official Asana Go SDK library

It look like there is no Official Asana Go (Golang) SDK client library. It would be great if Asana representative could comment upon possibility of including Golang into list of officially supported Develper languages.

There are a couple of unofficial libraries and it look like one at GitHub - range-labs/go-asana: Golang library for accessing the Asana API is most featureful and most up to date (has gid support). Is there better alternative?

I would need such library for upcoming project, and would welcome any support.

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Hi Myroslav,

The library I wrote to support Ditto is available here:

Not much in the way of documentation, so perhaps the range-labs one is better for your use case - I’ve not compared them in detail, and it looks like they have more complete support for the API (Webhooks for example).



We’re currently discussing how typed language client libraries should work with our api. You can give some suggestions on this post.

Once we think types are in a good place, I’d be open to adding Go & C# libraries

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