Now rolling out to Asana users—schedule projects with custom templates


No, I mean that the free version allows you to load max three projects into Instagantt at a time to enable easy date shifting. You can load a completely different three projects immediately after that to shift their dates as well. No sweat, as long as you aren’t date shifting constantly everyday?

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Hi Edda! I don’t see this yet in my organization. Is it still rolling out slowly or should all customers see this now? We are on a Business plan.


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Hey @StephanieC sorry for the trouble here, this feature should be available to all users that have access to Custom Templates as it has been fully rolled out! So this means you should absolutely be able to see it in your Business space also.

Could possibly help me troubleshoot this to see why you cannot see this?

If you could simply access a Custom Template Project in your Business space, then copy it and let me know what happens I will be able to assist you further! Just as a reference, this is what you should be seeing!

Sorry for the trouble again, I am looking forward to your answer!


Thanks so much Edda! I see it now! The problem was that in our templates we do not have due dates. It may be hard for us to leverage this feature for that reason, but we will play around with it and see what we can do.

Thanks again for your assistance!