Notification for deleted tasks?

NEED to be able to see tasks deleted by OTHERS in the group. Others should not be able to permanently delete items they they didbnt create. Admins need a full audit log showing all actions taken by everyone.


There NEEDS to be a deleted items bin that everyone in the project can view and recover from. It should show who deleted the item and when. Also there should not be a permanently delete option unless you’re an admin, or unless you were the one that created the item you deleted.


Adding my vote - assignees should not be able to delete tasks they didn’t create and assigners must be notified or asked to accept the deletion.

It could be so simple to add an option when you assign a task to someone:
Allow assignee deletion: - No/Yes/Ask

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What’s the status of this? It’s been years now and makes Asana not viable for use except with an extremely tightly-knit and highly trusted group of people who are guaranteed to never become upset. It makes Asana an easy way to destroy progress for a malicious/upset team member.

WOW! The issue is worse than this! To add insult to injury when a task is deleted and you go find it in the deleted tasks, it has a notation that i was deleted and by whom. Then when you undelete the task this note goes away! This is a huge paper trail issue. Now an employee can say they didn’t delete it. It also makes it very hard to explain an issue.

ex. task created and assigned, not getting done, find out accidentally or maliciously deleted, now asked why task is so far behind, unable to show someone deleted it!

I love Asana but issue likes this compounding other issues is really rough.
screen shot with date/time attached


Hello, upvoting this feature request.

I’m using Asana to manage my product backlog, and I’ve allowed other users in the business access to it so that they can comment on ideas and projects etc, however, I would like to know if anything gets deleted. Some people may think something is unimportant, but be missing the bigger picture behind it.

Short of a notification of deleted tasks, is there a way to prevent deletion altogether expect for say the project owner?

at lease send a notification of deleted task to task creator. if assignee deleted permanently then task creator could not find the task. it is really very big problem.

also permanently delete task action only execute by the task creator. so task creator can view history and take action accordingly

I needed this in my last gig as well and ended up just making an app to do it. I decided to make the app available to others. It’s not perfect but it basically works.

Check out the end of the “Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks” thread at Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks if you’re interested.

+1 from me as well
I just started using Asana and noticed that this feature is absolutely necessary.