Notification Controls via New "Memberships" Endpoint

TL;DR - The Add Users to Project endpoint would be more valuable if it accepted query parameters, allowing for explicit settings around permissions & notifications.

Today we tried leveraging Zapier + the Asana API to assign a set of “global” projects (that we pre-define & manage within the Zap) to every new Asana user we create. After digging into it, we got very close to making it work—see this forum post for more context.

There’s an available trigger in Zapier for a New User, which works well. Then on the action side, we’re sending a manual POST webhook to hit this Add Users to Project endpoint. Which sounds perfect!

Except that the endpoint doesn’t expose the Permission (edit vs. comment) and Notification (new task / messages / status updates) settings via query params. The docs actually address the latter, mentioning how the user’s defaults will override the behavior of this endpoint.

If I’m missing something obvious, happy to be enlightened! Otherwise, I’m curious to get some outside opinions & hear if this has value for others. This would be a really helpful addition for our team. If it makes sense and is technically doable, we would love to see it on the radar for Asana. :crossed_fingers:

Below is a screenshot of what the GUI equivalent looks like, within the application. Essentially would like access to the two highlighted bits via the API (invite to associated Team is less critical, but also a nice potential add).

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Hi @Casey_Dwyer,

As @Bastien_Siebman said in your other thread on this topic, there are some changes coming to the membership API that I think will likely help you. See this forum thread for details.

Basically, what I’m thinking is that instead of using the Add Users to Project endpoint, you’ll be able to use the POST /memberships endpoint to accomplish the same thing, except that, as @sasha_f explains in that thread, you can set a user as comment-only when you add them as a project member! :raised_hands:

Oh that’s excellent, I dig that “merged” approach too. Thanks so much, Phil—appreciate you sharing that link! :tada: Will subscriber over there to stay in the loop.

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Reopening & renaming this thread, to focus on the notifications piece of the original request.


Based on current docs for the new memberships endpoints, there’s not a param that allows for setting initial notification settings—and all notifications (as in screenshot below) are on by default. See this comment from the thread that Phil linked above for context.


Our use-case:

We have a number of projects that need to be accessible to all users. A Bug Reports project, for example, should be available to all staff, as all staff can find bugs. But all staff should only get notifications about bug Tasks that they’ve created (or have joined or been added to, via GUI).

(the IT department is the Team responsible for actually managing the project, and would get all notifications as they’re added to the project via GUI, through their Team membership)

Would love to see this added as a parameter/set for this endpoint! :crossed_fingers: