[New] API endpoints for project memberships


  • You can now create, update, and delete project memberships using the /memberships API!

  • Previously, you could add a member to a project over the API, but the project’s default_access_level would determine the member’s role. With this release, you can now specify a member’s role explicitly!

  • With full CRUD operations now available for /memberships , we are marking the /project_memberships membership endpoints as deprecated. We’re still working on a deprecation timeline.


API endpoints to access or modify project memberships:

Project member roles:

  • admin
  • editor
  • commenter
  • viewer (coming soon!)

See this guide article for details on the levels of access for each role.

Example request body to create a project membership:

  "data": {
  "member": "12345", // user gid
  "parent": "6789", // project gid
  "access_level": "admin"


Today, these access levels are available for Asana users. Later this year, we will introduce support for team memberships. More on that here. We will follow up with more information about /project_memberships deprecation soon.

Let us know if you have questions or comments about the memberships endpoints!