Notes sur les mises à jour du mois de Mai 2019

Bonjour à tous,

Voici toutes les infos relatives aux mises à jour du mois de Mai:

  • New Add Section Button at the Bottom of List View: To quickly create a section, you can use the new +Section button at the bottom of your List. The new section will always be added to the end of your List view.
  • Autoshifting Due Dates on Custom Templates: With this update, you can easily streamline repeated processes and workback schedules with custom templates in Asana. Due dates will automatically adjust based on the start or end date you select so that you can save steps in your project planning process! Learn how.
  • Search in Product for Guide Content: To help quickly understand how to use Asana, you can now search for guide resources in your Asana search bar (example: “What’s a Milestone?”).

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Bonne jourée à tous !