Not receiving Webhook POST request

Hello all,
I am currently experiencing an issue with webhooks: Asana will not send the first post request to establish the webhook, or I am not receiving it.
This error only occurs if the target parameter is my desired website. I’ve tested on localhost with ngrok, and with echo services, and the post requests are sent successfully. My website uses https and has a valid certificate - it is also used elsewhere with no issues. I can hit the desired ‘target’ link through postman/curl, and the code works without any other changes in other circumstances. Asana is able to hit the website with other requests every time - I run a GET requests to get and delete all webhooks before attempting to create them. I’ve read through the forums and saw others facing similar issues, and have attempted their solutions - our server can handle TLS 1.1+.

The exact error is as follows:
asana.error.InvalidRequestError: Invalid Request: ETIMEOUT: Asana was unable to connect to your webhook within the timeout of 10000 ms.

-I am using the python api, and I am creating the webhooks as they are done on the docs. Since the code works otherwise, I am assuming this is not a programming issue
-I’ve tried a different PAT

If anyone has an idea I would appreciate it!
Thank you in advance

@Phil_Seeman maybe you can help. Even though the certificate is valid, I believe it needs to be from a really trustworthy source, that could be the issue. You don’t see any request at all at your server, not even the handshake?

I don’t have any brilliant solutions but I echo what @Bastien_Siebman said - it seems from the history of forum posts on the subject that some issuers’ certificates work and others don’t. Who is the issuer of your certificate?

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Hey all, sorry for the late reply, but I’ve solved the issue- it was a port issue. Asana would not send requests to the port I specified, changing it to 443 solved my issues. I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere in the docs, but it appears to be a requirement. Thank you for your help all the same.

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