Not able to receive webhook payload for tasks created by other user

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I regenerated my personal access token 2 days back after which I stopped receiving webhook payload for tasks that are not created by me. If the task is created by me in the project, i receive webhook events otherwise not.

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Browser version: Google chrome version: 80.0.3987.122

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@Joe_Trollo, is @Anandita’s issue perhaps related to this:

Hi @Anandita—I believe the issue here is that you recreated your PAT. Webhooks are associated with specific OAuth apps and PATs, so revoking a PAT will delete all the webhooks associated with it. You’ll need to recreate the webhooks with the new PAT you’re using now.

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Sorry, I did not explain the problem well. I have an application which looks for the changes in an asana project specially the task added to the project event. This project is public to our organization and other people also use it. I used to get all the changes happening in the project using the asana webhook.
But, recently I changed my Personal Access Token and created the webhook again. After that, I stopped getting webhook payload for tasks which are not created by me in the project.
For example, if the webhook is created using A’s personal access token, then the application get the payload only when A creates a task in the project. If B creates a task, the application gets nothing from the webhook.

Thanks for clarifying! We have some diagnostic logging that we can look at, but because of its high volume we only retain those logs for 24 hours. Can you send me a private message with the ID of the project and the webhook in question? Then I’ll ask you to replicate the issue and send me the IDs of the created tasks, and from that I should be able to determine what’s happening.

It has started working fine from past some days. Thank you for your time.