Nonprofit based in Canada Subsidiary in Vietnam - Eligible or not ?

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Here are more details about the situation. The main nonprofit organization is based in Canada, it is a teaching and research center on dreams and symbolic language. We offer many online training.

The main team in Canada does not use Asana, but the team in Vietnam has used the free version for many years. The subsidiary in Vietnam is registered as a foreign direct investment company linked with the main organization.

FDI is an ownership stake in a foreign company or project made by an investor, company , or government from another country.

Are we still considered eligible for the 50% discount for being a nonprofit organization even if we are registered as an FDI company in Vietnam ?

I hope to receive your help and guidance, thank you very much… The Team in Vietnam really appreciates Asana…

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And great to hear that you love to use Asana :slight_smile:
In terms of your specific questions since it is billing related I recommend reaching out to Asana support directly and they will be able to assist.

On this page Asana for Nonprofits Discount Program: Asana discounts and support for nonprofits • Asana click on the button “Get 50% off” and follow the steps.
In the 2nd step you are asked to enter the name, if yours is not listed you can request to add it. Then the support team will take a look to see if it qualifies for the discount.
Alternatively you can reach out to the sales team directly here.

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Thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile:

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