Non Asana user Assignee

I would like to add non users as assignees (example - 3rd party support, Accounting, Vendors, Integration partners) who are responsible for completing the task but won’t be invited to the Asana board.

Hi @Jodelene_Weir, technically speaking it would not be possible to have external users without an account to take actions in Asana or to be the assignee of a task, but if you haven’t yet, I would recommend upvoting Client access to projects/tasks which is the closest option that would technically be viable :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

I don’t want a client access though, just a free text field. Can I add in my own free text fields?

Got you @Jodelene_Weir! If you’re using the paid version of Asana you can use a text custom field, and if you’re on the free version, I would recommend using Tags!

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