Non actionable tasks x actionable tasks

Is there a way to differentiate actionable tasks from non actionable tasks? I would love to be able to do it, so the ono actionable would not get in the way os all the action needed in the project.

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Hi @Murilo_Sharp,
I recommend using sections and/or custom fields to differentiate between actionable tasks and reference tasks. For example, if you have an Event project, you could start the project with a section called “Event background” and include a task that defines event purpose, another task with event attendees, and another with location details. Below that, you could have a section called “Event to dos” and have actionable tasks beneath it. Similarly, you could add custom fields for action or reference, but that seems rather redundant.
Let us know if you have follow up questions!

Hello Alexis. Thanks for these ideas, I’ll work on that. On my real estate projects I have sections such as marketing, sales, project aproval, building and etc. I think I’ll have to make action and reference subsections in each of those sections. I’ll work on it. Thaks.
I’d love to have your feed back on the “conversation” topic I put up last night. Tks.

Great question! For what it’s worth, I’ve been handling it this way:

Actionable tasks should not be missed so I put them at the top of the project always, optionally within sections if helpful.

Non-actionable tasks go below these, underneath a “super-section” like:


which effectively creates another heading level visually superior to regular Sections hierarchically. Then I can use regular sections below this level to divide up the reference areas:

Topic Area 1:
Item (task) 1
Item (task) 2
Topic Area 2:

If there’s too much info for a single project, I’ll always make sure there’s one project for actionable tasks, and one or more other projects for each reference area topic.

Your mileage may vary!


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Outstanding tips Larry, thank tou very much. I’ll work on my sections to make my project easier to follow. Now l’m also interested in understanting how the non actionable (and the sections) migrate (or not) to the cronogram view (which I found to be awsome). Regards. Murilo.

Thanks, @Murilo_Sharp! Re cronogram view, do you mean Timeline View? (There’s Calendar View too.) If Timeline, that view only works project-by-project, so if you split your work into multiple projects, you’d want to be sure all Timeline-related tasks that you want to appear in a single Timeline are found in a single project (in any section). More info at:

Hope that helps,


I’m starting to tackle into this timeline deal. I think it will be very helpfull. Apreciate Your inputs Larry. Best regards.

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