No toggle to create a team - how do I access this?

I’m new to Asana having joined through another business project. I’ve been invited into their team to understand the workings but now wish to create my own team and begin planning and schedule work plans…unfortunately, I cannot add a new team to commence this. Is this a permissions issue? Is there a way to unlock this? Stuck at square one…

@jonathan.regan Not sure if it is restricted to the Admins but here is a screen show of how to create teams. It is not on the left hand side banner if that is where you are looking for it.

You click on your Avatar on the right hand side.

Hope this helps.


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Hi @jonathan.regan

@Jason_Woods is correct, that’s how you create Teams within Asana’s webapp. That said, it could be entirely possible that you’ve been invited to a Workspace, instead of an Organization, which is why you are unable to create Teams. Teams are only possible within Organizations.

A discussion on the differences between Workspaces and Organizations is available here:

If you’d like to create your own Workspaces, click the following link for instructions on how:

Hope this adds a bit of clarity to what you’re experiencing, though let me know if you have any other questions