No title showing up when a task is pulled into Google Calendar

Today I integrated my Google Calendar with Asana and set up a rule on one of my projects that anytime a task is created in that project, an event would be created on one of my Google Calendars. However, when I create the task, it does not pull the title over to Google Calendar. It just says (no title) so you can’t tell what the event is at all. It looks like this:

Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 11.26.58 AM

Upon further troubleshooting, I noticed that this problem only occurs when I click directly on a calendar date to add a task. If I go up to the top and click the orange/red plus button to create a task, it works correctly. But I never actually do it that way. I always click on the calendar date I want and then fill in details. Is there a way to make this work with the way I actually work?

If that doesn’t make sense, I made a quick screen recording showing what I mean.

Welcome, @Ashley_Cain,

Your helpful video shows the rule is running too early, before you’ve given a title. I believe this is expected behavior (unfortunately).

So you will have to delay the running of the rule until the task is titled (and maybe has more metadata entered that could be used in GCal). Instead of a trigger of Task added to project, you could use use a GCal? Custom field (a dropdown with one value: :heavy_check_mark:) Make the trigger be when that value is set. If that’s not good, other triggers would be possible too.

Hope that helps,



I changed the trigger as suggested to a single-select checkbox and it worked like a charm. I’m actually a little miffed that I didn’t think of that before posting. I’m going to blame it on lack of sleep. In any case, thank you for the simple fix!!

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Hello Ashley and Larry,

I’m having the same issue with event titles on Google Calendar. I couldn’t find a trigger with a GCal custom field or the single-select checkbox you’ve mentioned. Could anybody please show me where those options were supposed to be available? I have just started an Asana trial which looks like a Premium account.

Thank you.

Welcome, @mblc,

Most rules, including the one needed here, require you to Create a custom rule which is a Business or Enterprise feature (not Premium).

If you were on one of those plans, you would first create a custom field, calling it GCal? or something else, of type single select, with one possible value. After doing so, that custom field will appear as a selection for a trigger (in this case). But again, not for Premium.