"No Due Date" spammed in compact mode on mobile

While in compact mode, it’s a bit messy to have “No Due Date” spammed a bunch. It would provide more space for the task names and overall look cleaner if this text didn’t exist if no due date was specified.

I also don’t like seeing “No Due Date” and added my vote, but . . .

I bet the designers could be reluctant to reclaim the space because it might make the overall display harder to discern when some lines have a right-justified date and some do not.

My preference would be either to reclaim the space for the task title (if needed), or just leave the space unused but remove the text “No Due Date” which will reduce clutter on the display, at least.



Thanks for sharing your feedback! I’ll send it to our product team so they can consider it in future updates :slight_smile:

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Consider hiding “No Due Date” in compact mode for a cleaner look with more task name visibility. It could streamline the interface and enhance user experience.

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