Newest task stories should appear at the top!

When I look at a task, I look at the description and comments to see updates. On a task that gets touched a lot (a complex or stubborn one), there are typically numerous timestamps and changes.

In a system where we are used to scanning from top to bottom (task list), why are these updates displayed with the oldest on top and the newest at the bottom? This creates the need to scroll down to see the most recent updates. It makes the newest, usually most relevant information buried by default.

Can this be flipped so that a task displays the newest changes / comments / updates at the top, and then flowing downward in reverse chronological order?

This would save me soooo much time I can even account for! As subtasks accumulate it just seems silly that new (and incomplete) subtasks are hidden with the need to click ‘load more subtasks’. Priority should always be literally ‘top of the list’, right? :woman_shrugging:t4:

+1 for newly created tasks to appear at top. Currently dragging and dropping new tasks to the top it’s a bit annoying, we’ll manage but, you know.

+1!!! Should have the option to sort or at least more intuitive to have latest subtasks displayed at the top.