New! Updated customizable color palette for better accessibility

Thank you - yes please give us the option to use the option for visually impaired if we are/need it, but keep the standard version if we don’t.

Like many of the comments above, we use Asana every day and really cannot look at it like this; it’s very messy and the colours are painful - it was so beautful before. This is very disapointing as we’ve spent two years building out colours and systems within Asana, choosing it over the rest, largely based on aesthetic, now all of this is different - surely that’s not fair on a paying user who doesn’t need a visually impaired verion?

I completey support the creation of a verion for those who need it, however, I’m sure it’s not logical to apply this to everyone.

This opinion is echo’d throughout our teams and by our clients who use it with us.

Thank you for listening.