New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱

Hi @Alison6, Time tracking is only available to Business and Enterprise customers, so if you’re not seeing it, it’s likely that you aren’t subscribed to an eligible plan!

Question: Will this feature enable Pomodoro like Intervals? So that when a timer is started, there’s a notification after for example 25 minutes to take a break and the timer stops?

Hi there! Can you track more than one person’s time in a single task? For example, if multiple people are in a Kickoff Meeting, and I want to make sure each person’s time spent in the meeting is accounted for. Is it possible to do this?

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I enquired regarding this also a while ago and the answer I got was: „You do not need to be the Assignee to track time on the task. Anyone who works on the tasks can track time and this will show in the tracking log“

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Thank you @Andrea_Mayer ! So there is no way for me (Project Owner) to add someone else’s time? It would be the responsibility of the team member to log their own time, correct?

Hi @Kyle_Driver , welcome to the forum!

@Andrea_Mayer beat me to it (!) I was preparing the below snip… and the answer is yes!
And it also seems that, regardless of who the assignee is, anyone can indeed add their own time, BUT:

  1. you cannot add time for someone else, only for yourself
  2. apart from editing/deleting your own time, you can also edit/delete someone else’s time! (interestingly enough, without any of these actions noted in the Activity log)

The above applies to Project Owners, Members and even Comment-only members (!)

Note, this is the current behaviour at the time of writing - this may change in the final roll out, perhaps depending on user feedback.

(@Bastien_Siebman x2 BUTs :peach: ?)

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just realised that too, its little annoying that you have to add people in as project member to be able to use the ‘timer’ feature. wish all collaborators could have same access without being a project member.

I’ve been implementing this across our Asana projects as we previously had custom columns for this use. One thing I am finding a bit frustrating is you cannot select multiple tasks and add the same amount of time for all of them. You have to manually add in time for each task (which is unlike other number fields). Will this be changing with future roll outs? It is quite time consuming to manually enter in each time if they are ~ the same per task?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Is there a way to add a SUM to the bottom of the Actual Time column? Estimated time provides a sum but Actual time does not. This would be a great feature to help track total estimated hours against total actual hours for a set of given tasks in a section.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi all!

I’m excited to sare that the 3rd phase of the time tracking update has rolled out to 10% of our users yesterday! We’re aiming to roll out to 50% in the next couple of day, and if all goes well to 100% in the next 2-3 weeks!


Hi @KatieHerda , perhaps you missed it, this has been addressed above…

Great, thanks! I’m looking to be able to see totals within sections soon but this will help provide some visibility in the interim. :slightly_smiling_face:

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HI Marie,

According to the public announcement, phase 1 and phase 2 have been rolled out to 100% of users, but I am still not able to see where or how to add this to any of my existing or new projects. Can you please advise?


Hi @Victoria_de_Martigny,

These features are available to Business + Enterprise customers, so if you aren’t seeing them, it’s likely because you’re not with one of these plans!

Ahhh… well that explains it! We’re a non-profit on the Premium plan. Darn. This would have been so helpful. Thanks for letting me know.

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Admin dashboard for this please! We have several projects ongoing with several people working on each project. It would be great to have an overview of how much time each person spends on which project.


And similarly, to have individual member’s dashboards of weekly time spent to act as a timesheet which can be filled out, edited by each member. This will help to fill out any gaps in recorded hours per day and provide a holistic view of all their actual hours across numerous projects.
Any plans for something like this @Marie ?


Hi @Marie, [long time listener, first time caller syndrome :wave:t2: ]
We’re considering upgrading to Business from Premium, partially because of this rollout!

  • are there plans to implement a “Timesheet” feature, comparable to Harvest, as in: would Users be prompted to track and submit time at the end of each week? (Harvest is another time tracking software, for those unfamiliar)

  • Is time able to be categorized as Billable/Nonbillable?

  • are Users able to add time entries to projects independent of tasks? (ie. for meetings, assorted comms//email//other project work that isn’t discrete? maybe we just need to write our tasks better)

  • is it possible to set project-level time estimates? (in contrast to task-level) i.e., if a project was going over budget, would that trigger a notification?


@anon19046495 + @Richard_Sather, these are two great requests, which I’ll make sure to share with our team for future updates!

@Brian_Paul :wave: Nice to meet you!

See my reply to Ann and Richard above, this isn’t possible at the moment, but I’ll make sure to share it with our team to be considered for future updates.

You could create a separate Custom Field to decide if time tracked on each task should be billed or not. From there, you could easily create a report to figure out how many tasks should be billed.

They would need to create a task to represent these pieces of work. But yes, they can manually add entries!

Not in an automated way, but if you use Portfolio, you could manually create a custom field at the Portfolio level and enter an estimated time for your project from there.


This feature is right on time for us, thanks!
We have teams that share a lot of tasks under which each team may create subtasks.
Can you confirm that the time subtask rollup is on track to be released shortly?
And this will work within the portfolio [since right now it only totals task level]?
Also please confirm that currently the portfolio rollup totals are buggy -? [i.e. not reliable as of yet]
Or if you believe it’s working, where I might find a more detailed explanation of how the field is interpreted at each task / subtask level, across projects, and up to portfolion?
Obviously we want to use if for planning.