New time periods for Goals!

Hi everyone,

Today I’m excited to announce that we started rolling out time periods for Goals to standardize the fiscal year planning across an entire company so that all departments can plan their goals on the same cadences.

By default Asana sets up a fiscal year for all organizations, and new goals will have time periods attached. You can display Goals based on the time period from your Goals’ list view by clicking the “All goals” button and selecting the applicable time period. You can access a filtered view of Goals that are active in the current time period, as well as toggling to see past and future Goal periods.

Organization and Workspace Admins can edit time periods directly from the Settings section in the Admin Console.

Filtering by time periods

Adding time periods when creating a new goal:

We are currently rolling out this feature so if you don’t have access yet, it will be available soon!

You can find more details in this guide article. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them in the comments below! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the update!

Interesting, looking forward to testing it!

Hello Emily. It’s great that you’re updating goals on asana.
I wanted to ask, can I change the fiscal year from Jan to Dec let’s say to “sept to aug” ?

Hi @Rena_Sassine, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Yes, you can change the fiscal year from the Settings tab in the Admin Console. Please note that you need to be an Admin in your Organization to access the settings.


Thank you very much. This is very helpful

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