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What does everyone use to onboard new Asana members? I’m working on rolling out in a very large organization and am struggling to create a new member welcome packet that outlines training and resources for Asana and our organizational structure. I provide live training to executives and leaders as part of the department onboarding process, but am working on the project part time and am receiving more and more one-off requests for training. I want to send a succinct message to all members, once invited, that outlines everything they need to know to get started with Asana and our organization. I’ve looked through all the resources in Academy, Asanaverse and Guide. I’m hoping you all can share some examples of practical application.

I purchased a large quantity of the Keyboard Shortcut Cards, and an assortment of stickers from the Narwhal Necessities Store and have been handing those out.

I plan to start hosting open trainings in my organization, where I will also be handing them out.
I’ve been using the resources I found within the “Asana Resources” provided to our org, and I am organizing internal training events using that and my own supplemental knowledge of Asana


The website you mentioned is password protected “Narwhal Necessities”.

Is this a site meant for certain people, or it isn’t online currently?

Hey @TylerNow
that is exclusive to Asana Together members. You can sign up here: Asana Community • Asana • Asana

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A few days ago I shared an A to Z guide on how to get started with Asana that includes key links and resources which might be helpful: 📌 How to get started with Asana? - A Guide from A to Z

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We created a personalized version of the Asana Basics training template project - and added some information about how we use Asana at our organization. We create one of the projects from the template for each new hire. I believe it’s worked pretty well to give them some hands-on experience using Asana by going through the project.

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I just started doing something similar with that same template. Would you be willing to share your personalized version or give me an idea for the level of detail you’re using? Do you use the same project for all your training, as a reference or do you create a new project for each team/user group you bring into Asana?