Nested/Heirarchial Teams in Asana

Hi All,

Our organisational setup is as follows:
ICs = Individual Contributors
Manager A
Manager B Manager C
| |

From what I have read about Asana till now, different “teams” can be created which can then work on multiple portfolios and multiple projects within each portfolio.

This works well for line managers, managers B and C in the hierarchy shown above, who manage teams of X individual contributors. Different projects can be created as per need, for example, one project which tracks software development progress using the Agile template, another project which is used for sprint planning and so on.

I am interested in knowing how manager A can better track things using Asana. For example, does Asana provide aggregation/glance views across multiple flat teams configured. As a leader managing other leaders, I want to:

  1. Track the overall status across multiple portfolios one of my team is managing/running.
  2. Track the overall status across multiple teams.
  3. Have the capability to look at details, for example, the current status of tasks for a given

Both of these requirements makes me wonder if there is a way to support nested teams in Asana, so that as a leader I can have a bird’s eye view of my organisation as well as drill down into the details if I want to.

Hi @Manit, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! :wave:

You are right, you can create portfolios to track and manage the status of several projects. These projects can be part of different teams. So if Manager A needs to keep track of the projects in more than one team, you can create a portfolio with projects from Team A, B and C, for example.

This on-demand webinar explains how you can organize your teams and track the status using portfolio.

Okay, so does this aggregated portfolio for Manager A consisting of projects from Team A, B and C need to be created manually, or is there any automation around it?

In a normal project development lifecycle, new projects would be created by different teams (A, B and C) as time progresses and hand-managing the aggregated portfolio for Manager A by continuously updating it seems cumbersome. I expect it to become unmanageable as the number of teams under Manager A grow.

Portfolios, at the moment, are always managed manually. There is no way (unless using Zapier or other code) to automatically place projects in Portfolios.