Need workaround for Asana offline bug where it loses data.

I’m looking for help to get around a long-standing Asana bug that they dont seem that interested in fixing …

The problem is when you are working without an internet connection. Asana is (almost) great for that - it shows you a message like “We’ll synchronize your changes once we reconnect”. All well and good UNTIL you reconnect at the wrong time of the week, and it gives the painful message “You must login again”.

Bang - all your work lost (AGAIN), because navigating to the login loses all the pending work. Firefox even warns you ~“You’ll lose all data if you navigate away” but there is no choice to actually have it save the data before trying to login, or synchronizing after logging back in.

Since it seems Asana will never fix this issue, I’m wondering if anyone has a workaround ?

I have a workaround for the “creating tasks” part: I am emailing tasks to my Asana, and my email client manages well the offline mode and sends the email when internet is back.

@Marie isn’t it a bug @Mitra_Ardron describes? Should we move it to the bug category?

Hi @Mitra_Ardron and @Bastien_Siebman,

I’m afraid the web version of Asana does not support offline work. It is not a bug, but you can support this request in the following #productfeedback thread: Working offline :slight_smile:

Bastien - see what I mean :frowning:
The web version actually does sort-of support offline work, it even has a message that says it will synchronize when the net comes back, but it fails in the case of the login box being put up. Asana unfortunately think this is the “unsupported offline work” rather than the normal effect of being somewhere (e.g. tethered on a mobile) where the net might go up and down sometimes. So this bug doesnt get addressed, probably will never get addressed, which is why I posted to see if anyone knew a work around when I - not working offline, just subject to a bad cellphone connection going in and out of contact, lost data completely unnecessarily.

Asana’s lousy support of offline or people on bad internet connections, is the one reason I dont’ recommend it to any team where some of the people might be tethering or otherwise on bad connections (e.g. trying to work on a train).


I agree that you can’t say it is not supported when messages in the UI clearly says it does @Marie