Need a mock-up mode to set up project without triggering notifications to Assigneees

I use Asana with my small team of consultants. When one of us is setting up a project, we need to consider members’ availability, tasks that have to happen before or after others, etc. I often need to tinker with dates, tasks, and assignees as I’m developing a new project, but I don’t want my team members to get multiple, changing notifications of tasks during the process. I recently experimented with setting up a project in a CSV file first with only assignees’ initials and uploading it, but of course the initials don’t show up in Asana, and I’ll have to manually enter people’s emails when I’m ready to go “live.” It would be great if there could be a way to work out a project on Asana (or even upload it via CSV, with all assignees’ emails) in a draft or mock-up mode, and have a toggle switch or other mechanism to say it’s in “final” or “live” mode to enable notifications when all the kinks are ironed out.

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