My Tasks tasks sections and dates not working together

In My Tasks, I have sections. However, if there is a date assigned to the task and I drag it into a section, it loses the date. If I reassign the date to the task, it moves it back to the top of My Tasks.

Is this a bug?

I consider that a bug (as your data is being destroyed without a warning or Undo capability), but Asana may not agree. I actually thought it was fixed: Project list sort strips away all my due dates. No option to undo either - #11 by Kate_Weed and My Tasks display by Today/Upcoming/Later is incorrect when sorted by Due Date - #7 by Stephanie_Oberg

Hi @Crystal_Alifanow, thanks for reaching out.

Could you please confirm how you are sorting your My Tasks? By None, Due Date, etc.,.

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

I have (in order)

No Due Date
Recently Assigned
This Week
This Month

I cannot delete sections nor can I move them. So I cannot get them out from No Due Date. If I try to create a new section it automatically files it under No Due Date, so I have no control of the sections at all and I cannot put any tasks within a section.

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath any suggestions?

Do you have the Sort control activated? See the circled control.

If Sort is activated, usually you cannot manually move Items. If you want to move Items, set Sort to None.

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Gosh, I never even noticed the sort button. Thanks! I feel foolish. That was it.