My Tasks Tab: Section Suggestions?

I am struggling to understand how to manage the “My Tasks” tab and, specifically, what sections I should add. From my understanding, I have to manually move new tasks into categories? This sounds pretty painful. Currently, I have the below default view. Can I add a dropdown or only a new “Section”?

Any recommendations on how to parse out the My Tasks tab would be very helpful.

The tasks tab only has the three preset drop downs. You can add sections, but I don’t do it that way. I don’t really know what sections would make sense in this context. New tasks already go into a “New Tasks” section. If a grouping makes sense for how you use it then you have that freedom. Otherwise, just the “Today” block works well.

You can move them by dragging them to another section or by clicking that little blue dot on the right side of the row and selecting the desired placement of the task.

Thanks for your reply @Benjamin_Farnsworth. I do not see a “Today” dropdown. Will it populate once a tasks due date equals today?

Also, why don’t tasks that are due in the future automatically move from “New Tasks” to the “Upcoming” section? Shouldn’t that be automatic?

Hi @Barnett_Williams

Hopefully some of this information helps out.
Have a look at this section in the guide it gives you a good background in how My Tasks work;

Tasks will move to Today if they are assigned to you and due ‘Today’, they won’t automatically move from New Tasks to Today, this is because the task my have been assigned to you by someone else and Asana wants to give you the opportunity to review and accept the tasks and prioritise it, before moving it to Today.

Quite a few people have organised their My Tasks view in a number of ways which you can have a look at here;

I personally have setup 3 sections in the ‘Today’ section of My Task View.
Less Important:

So every morning when tasks drop into the Today section I review and move them into the relevant section. I then have my prioritised things to try and get done that day or at least progress.

Hope all of this helps.


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I don’t know if it helps but I have a very simple setup in My Tasks. I added ‘Ongoing’ and ‘Due now’ sections. Ongoing = tasks that have a start date of today and a due date in the future, so I don’t lose sight of them. Due now = anything that must be completed today.

Aside from that, I keep anything with a due date within the next week in Ongoing, and everything else in Later.

I know some people have quite elaborate setups in My Tasks, but I like to keep it as vanilla as possible, because it works so well once you get used to it.

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I use Today, Tomorrow, and If You Are Bored - which is shorthand for “in the future but on the horizon”


I use Today for my daily priorities.

Then I separate “Upcoming” into

  • This Week:
  • This Month:
  • and “Low Priority/No Deadline” for active tasks that don’t have a due date.

I use “Later:” for inactive tasks or on hold tasks that I don’t want to see.

You could also organize Upcoming with an Eisenhower Matrix or by Project.

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I like this vanilla setup. Where do you add the headings in the “My Tasks” tab? I don’t see the ability to do so. Can you provide a screenshot? @GrowWithJen

Sure, I just use the colon to make headings and then move the tasks to the respective heading:

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OK thanks @GrowWithJen. So it seems as though you don’t set due dates as they would automatically be added to the “Today” dropdown once ‘Today’ date hit.