My Tasks sync tasks to Google Calendar Not working

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

When I paste the url from my tasks dropdown - “Sync tasks with due dates to calendar” Google Calendar into Google calendar into google calendar’s “add new Calendar”, none of the tasks show up in that calendar.

Steps to reproduce:

Go to my tasks
click dropdown/sync to calendar…
copy the provided google calendar URL
paste the URL into google calendars’s upload calendar from url page
notice how no tasks show up in the calendar.

I have plenty of tasks with due dates- not sure why this isn’t working

Browser version:
latest chrome
Upload screenshots below:

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Hi @Kyle_Hansen, thanks for writing in and sorry for the trouble!

Tasks might not update instantly, but Google runs several update every day and your tasks should eventually show up. If they aren’t, I would recommend removing your My Tasks list from the calendar and add it again, it will most likely sort your issue!

You can learn more about these steps in this guide from our article:

Hope this helps!

Yep, that is the article I was using as a guide. I’ve tried removing the list from the calendar and readding it multiple times, to no avail. I’ve tried adding my tasks calendar to both google calendar and outlook calendar, and still just can’t get any of the events to show there. Not sure what is going on at this piont, but it seems my tasks calendar has some sort of bug/is broken.


Hi @Kyle_Hansen, thanks for getting back to me and sorry to hear the issue persists! I’d recommend you reaching out to our Support Team who will be able to investigate this further: How to contact our Support Team email. I hope the issue is solved soon! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Emily!

Hi @Kyle_Hansen,
If you are still running into this issue, you can use zzBots, a third party app, to fully 2-Way Sync, or 1-Way Sync, between Asana and Google Calendar.

I previously have posted about this on another thread about the same issue, as quoted below:

I hope this provides the help, and the solution that you are looking for.

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with zzBots