My ASANA Project Share Invite button has disappeared.

My name is Sebouh Kouyoumjian, and I work at the National Council of Urban Indian Health. I am reaching out to see if someone can help me with fixing an issue with my ASANA work account. I noticed my project share invites button where I send invites to my co-workers collaborate on my projects disappeared. I have taken a screen shot of the issues and attached it below. Before reaching out, I tried trouble shooting the issue with ASANA trouble shotting tips that the ASANA website provides. I took all needed steps and still do not have project share invite button where I can send invites to my co-workers.

Welcome, @Sebouh_Kouyoumjian,

Is it possible that the full height of the dialog won’t fit on your screen? I just reproduced your problem by zooming to a large font in my browser.

You could try zooming to a smaller size by repeatedly clicking Ctrl/Cmd + Minus and see if the buttons Cancel and Send appear at the bottom when there’s room.

Otherwise, please email for help.

Hope that helps,


Hi Larry!

I think someone from ASANA support may have fixed my problem. I submitted a ticket and now I am finally able to see the “send” and “cancel” buttons to share my ASANA projects. I am not sure what happened, but the “send” and “cancel” buttons were missing for the last three weeks. Thankfully it is resolved now.

Thank you for your support, Larry!


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