Multiple channel integration with Slack

I want to integrate 2 different projects on Asana with 2 different channels on slack. I have checked in the settings area but cant find a solution. So I want project 1 notifications in channel 1 and project 2 notifications in channel 2.

Any Help??

Last time I looked it was not possible. The Asana integration is a bit poor at the moment :frowning:


Hello Bastien,
indeed it is seriously limited.

Could you please suggest an alternative to the OP’s use case.

Our IT is considering Asana and great weight is put on Slack integration, which seemed ideal at first but turns out unusable for multiple teams following different projects.

Thank you.

Having played with Asana/Slack integrations a bit it looks like you can only have one project notification in Asana per channel in Slack. So while you can have multiple projects reporting to one channel, you cannot have the same projects report to two channels at the same time. It is kind of limited, but if you create enough Slack channels to map to your Asana projects it’s still pretty useful. You just need to keep adding configurations for Asana in Slack.

Hope that helps.


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