Multiline comments



Is it possible to create multiline comments?
I’ve tried adding ‘\n’ to create a new line but it was escaped and I got a single line comment with ‘\n’ escpaped sequences.

Thank you.


Hey @Dmytro_TOLSTYI and welcome at the Asana community,

you can use the html_text field to set the html of the comment. You can use the \n there to break lines.


This is strange, because in docs it’s stated that html_text field is Read-only.
Are you sure that we can set it during the creation of the story?


yes. is undocumented but works :slight_smile:


Thank you, @Diakoptis! I will give it a try.


@Diakoptis, how did it work for you?
When I try to create a story with html_text like: Text\nNextLine or Text<br>NextLine I still get one line of comment with chars/tags being escaped.
How did you manage to solve this issue?


Sry for the late response.

Try to put the string in double quotes like that $text = “firstline\nSecond line”;


Wow, good job @Diakoptis. I couldn’t believe that it might help but you were right. Using double quotes did solve the issue!
Thank you for your help!
I think this thread can be closed now.


Glad I helped :slight_smile: