Adding richtext story results in comment with HTML code still in it if paragraph tags are used


When adding comments using rich text, if the html markup contains

tags, it renders as html code instead of being processed as rich text. For example:

<body><p><a href="">comment</a> created</p></body>

renders the html source code (with tags etc.) unprocessed, whereas:

<body><a href="">comment</a> created</body>

renders as a link and a piece of text.

Kind of a strange glitch …

The workaround, obviously, is to strip all these tags before submitting. But it would be great if they were handled correctly by Asana.

I think there might be a similar issue with some other tags, like

    , etc… Is there a list of tags supported by the richtext API?

I meant to say it isn’t processing <br/>. I think maybe it is not processing HTML entities, e.g. &quot;

@Dobes, Have you seen this:

I think <p> and <br> are not supported, and perhaps not HTML entities either since they’re not explicitly listed as supported.

Hope that helps,


Hi, I see, thanks.

I’ll try to stick to that. Hopefully you can at least add support for HTML entities in the future so that special characters can be correctly escaped.