Rich Text is rich... But it could be a lot richer

Hello everyone!

We’re planning to add additional tags to our rich text content. Right now, we’re gathering information about how this will affect our developers moving forward, so we can make a plan that minimizes app breakage.

We’d love to hear from you, whether your application handles new HTML tags out-of-the-box, ignores tags that it doesn’t support, or if you believe new tags would break your application. Here’s some examples of something we could do:

  • Headers: e.g. <h1>My header text</h1>
  • Table: <table><tr><td>Hello </td><td>World</td></tr><table>
  • Milestone embeds: <div data-asana-type=”embed-milestone-list” data-asana-gid=”123” data-asana-project=”123”/>. This could be a div, which points to a project, which you optionally fetch to display a list of milestones (we’d create a route to make this easy).
  • <iframe src=""></iframe>

Our API has never returned these tags, so we’re unsure how big of an impact this would be for your app.

Please let us know what you think! We’re especially interested if some of these changes are more difficult for your app to deal with than others (e.g. headers are fine, but iframes will cause weird display bugs).

:clap: That’s exciting!

:open_mouth: Interesting…

For me, from Flowsana’s perspective, I don’t think I would have any issues seeing these new tags in the rich text.

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These are exciting to contemplate; thanks for the opportunity to weigh in.

Asana2Go shouldn’t have a problem with most of these, though there’s a chance <iframe> may pose an issue. And I’d have to see if I could support the extra call for the Milestones embed. Otherwise, most basic tags should just pass through and work fine and would enrich Asana2Go output.



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