Rich Text Stories not formatting correctly

I read through the Rich Text changes and I am having an issue. When I submit the story <body><strong>Test.</strong></body> as html_text to<TASKID>/stories and have Asana-Enable: new_rich_text, the story shows up as <body><strong>Test.</strong></body> not “Test.”.

Any insight would be helpful?

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Hi @Benjamin_Ragan, thanks for letting us know. I’m able to replicate the issue internally and will let you know when it’s been resolved. Sorry for the trouble!

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Thanks for the quick response. Will there be an update to this thread once the Stories issue has been resolved?

Yes, we’ve made the fix and are waiting for it to be deployed. I’ll comment in this thread once more when the fix is live. Thanks for your patience!

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The fix had been deployed, and creating stories with the new rich text should now work!


Hi, what are the supported HTML tags! i tried new line it didn’t work

Hi @Maen_Mola,

The current supported HTML tags are here:

Note that this is being expanded in the near future; here’s info on what’s going to be added:

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Thank you Phil yhats really helpful and cant wait for the new release it will open a lot of new possibilities


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