Multi-homed tasks


We have a set of multi-homed tasks representing company holidays, that we import into all our projects. We just received the alert in the attached screenshot that makes it seem as if we’ve hit our limit on the amount of projects one of the tasks (MLK Jr Holiday) can be on

. Can anyone share a solution for this? thanks


I think that’s a known limitation of 20 projects per task. You can vote for the feature here:

@Richard_Sather, I didn’t see it in 🔢 List of technical and data limitations in Asana in case you want to add.

The only solution I know of would be the workaround of duplicating the task to offer up another 20 uses.

Hope that helps,


I agree, this is the only solution I can think of as well… or include those holidays in your project template, each project will have a section with the holidays, but harder to maintain overtime (even though holidays don’t change).

You’re right Larry! I’ve now added this to 4.3 in List of technical and data limitations in Asana :wink:

I also agree with your workaround, can’t think of anything else :person_shrugging:

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