Moving a Task to another a board based on what sub task is completed

I am wondering, I want to create a part on a board that we have where I can make a task a client name and then we can click on a sub task that is “interested” or “not interested” and looking for work flow or possibility where they can complete one sub task it will trigger it to move to a different task to start a work flow process on interested clients and move people who aren’t interested in another direction.

Anyway to do that and automate that rather than dragging and clicking?

Welcome, @Kyle_Curtis,

Your question is hard to understand for a few reasons, but it sounds like you’re asking to automate something about a parent task as a result of a change you make to one of its subtasks. That’s not possible.

If you can represent your interested/not interested as options in a single-select custom field on the customer task, then you could have rule(s) to fire based on those triggers to take the actions of moving that customer task to other columns, for example. (Requires Asana Business or Enterprise.)



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