🧵 "Move the needles", a new approach to Asana

We all work on tons of projects at the same time, especially in tools like Asana since it is so easy to setup.

But once you have one project for each topic, it might be hard to make sure you “move the needle” on all those topics.

In my case, those “topics” include: improve the website, release a new tool, improve existing tools, write content, shoot a YouTube video…

One (bad) approach would be to assign myself on everything I have to do and manage priorities using My Tasks. I decided to work differently.

I created a “Move the needle” project as you can see on the image, and I have one recurring task per topic. The more critical the topic is, the more often the task reoccurs. Shooting a YouTube video will come back to me 5 days after I shoot one. Writing content would come back to me 2 days after my last writing session.

A structure like this allows me to make constant and steady progress, just like the kaizen approach is preaching.

What do you think?

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Excellent idea! I will try something like this myself and see whether I can “Move The Needles”!
Thanks for posting
Shafik Ismail

I have a project called, “My Recurring Tasks” just for that purpose. As soon as I complete a task, a new populates and the due date is set to that predetermined interval. Works good.

How is this different from recurring tasks inside a project?

Yeah I agree with @Shadi_Nahas. I’m confused why this couldn’t also be accomplished with recurring tasks centralized from various projects in your My Tasks tab?

And why do you say using the My Tasks tab is a “bad approach”? You could just reorganize the way your My Task tab is set up through custom fields and sorting rules applied to sections to make it more useful to you.

Plus if you are using how often a task recurs to assess its priority level, you lose the ability to quickly filter or sort your tasks by their priority.

@Joey_DeFabio let me illustrate what I meant with an example. Let’s say you want to write a blog post every day. You have the wrong way: assign yourself on dozens of blog posts. And what I believe is the right way: store blog posts in a project, and assign yourself on a daily task “Write a blog post”. Do you see what I mean?

Where are this task in your My task? In which section do you “store” it?

The sections in My Tasks are “top priority” “important” “secondary”. So depends on the priority :slight_smile: (goes into Later if due Tomorrow or later)

Oh I think I now understand what you are getting at with this. Is the point of this project to essentially create a broad level overview of the recurring responsibilities specific to your role without additional clutter from other tasks? And if that is the case, are you still using My Tasks for a more granular view of what specifically needs to be done?

Either way, smart workaround!

Yes and no. It serves two purposes:

  • for me, a task should always belong to a project, it should never be left hanging
  • because, reason #2, if you want to delegate some of those, it is easier if they are all in the same project (there are other reasons why a task should always belong to a project)

My Tasks is and always is for me a view showing everything I have to do. Anything that is not in Later is something I have to do myself that is not blocked.