missing the Upcoming category in My Tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences): The Upcoming category in My Tasks page disappeared; I only see Today and Later. When I mark a task as Upcoming, this puts it under Later.

Steps to reproduce: N/A

Browser version: Chrome Version 77.0.3865.120

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Hi @YeaRim and thanks for reaching out.
The Upcoming Category won’t appear until you mark at least one task “Upcoming”. can you try and mark one task upcoming using the “Tab+U” shortcut and let me know if that solves your issue?

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Hi @Marie,
If you read my second sentence, I said that when I mark a task as Upcoming, this puts it under Later. That was done with the “Tab+U” shortcut, so no, that method does not solve my issue.

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Apologies, for missing this info @YeaRim. That does sound strange… is the same thing happening when you mark a task “Upcoming” from this menu?

Yes, it still puts it under “Later”.

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Thanks @YeaRim,

Is your My tasks sorted by due date by any chance? If so, could you set your Sorting to “None” and check if you can see “Recently assigned”, “Today” and “Upcoming”?

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That’s it!! Thanks for your help. So does the “Upcoming” category disappear when tasks are sorted by due date?

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Og glad we worked it out @YeaRim! And yes, it will disappear as soon as you sort your My Tasks by any filter!

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Hi, soooo, can that be changed? That seems like a bug to me, since the Today and Later sections remain.

For me personally, I’ve been using the “Marked for Today” as kind of a “shortlist”, things I want to keep top of mind, instead of the old trick of “assigning a fake due date” or “hijacking some other field, Priority or whatever” - because then that obscures REAL, hard due dates. I love, love, love the “Mark for Today” feature for this reason. I’ve got a short list of things with hard due dates, then my Marked for Today “top of mind but not due on a specific day” kind of stuff, then, the rest.

However, that’s getting a bit long, I guess I’d like to be able to shortlist my shortlist, “Marked for Today” is like the top 3 or 5, etc, and then “Marked for Upcoming” is kind of a “top-ish of mind but not burning - I should do sometime in the next week or two” - things I want to keep an eye on when I have a spare second, etc. So I can’t really do that with my current setting of Sort by Due Date, as I’ve just learned from this thread. And I don’t want to turn off sorting by due date - while the auto promoting is neat, I need to see and prepare for things further in advance, and with the Upcoming timing not being configurable, it doesn’t really work for me. (I also have a trillion things in my “Recently Assigned”, which were actually assigned a long time ago…)

Any suggestions? Can I use a Search to create and customize a dashboard? Are you guys of thinking of adding Custom Fields to the My Task view? Thanks much!

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