Missing Project

I can search and find a project, but it is not showing in my Project List. How can I get the project to show in the Project List?

What do you call your “project list”? The sidebar?

I’m having this same issue. I have a projects list on the side bar and then a starred list. I recently noticed that some of my starred projects are no longer in the projects list and I cannot find a way to see all of the projects that are existing in that list. Can anyone advise?

Hi @Amanda_Schmid , welcome to the forum :wave:

The projects list in the new sidebar is populated automatically based on your usage whereas the Starred section is the same as your previous ‘Favorites’ section, which you can customise as you like.

You can read more about the new sidebar in this article, check point 3.1 and 3.2.

Thank you - this was very helpful!

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