Missing Fields - Last Modified On, Last Modified By, Created By

For some of my projects I have some very helpful fields and in other projects these fields are not show. They included: Last Modified On, Last Modified By, Created By…How do I get these fields to show in any project?

Welcome, @anon47976160,

In List view, there’s a Hide menu where you can toggle on the fields to see as columns there:

Last modified by doesn’t exist. The other two you mention I see are toggled on in your second screenshot. Did you try scrolling your List view page horizontally to see those columns? Or you can drag them higher within the menu to make them appear closer to the left to see without scrolling.

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I’m still not seeing those unique fields, here are my toggles under hide:

@anon47976160, I updated my prior post with more info.

Thank you, looks like those fields (Created On, Last Modified On, Created By) are default and hidden by default. Would be a nice feature to have “Last Modified By”.


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