Microsoft Lists integration?

Is there an integration w/ Microsoft Lists?

We have an event list set up in Microsoft Lists for our company. We have had no success getting company-wide buy-in on Asana, so right now it’s just being used for the marketing team.

Is it possible for tasks to be generated in Asana for marketing based on submissions on the Microsoft Lists form? We have a form set up for other marketing submissions but I’d prefer to not have to tell folks to fill out another form if they have already submitted the event through Lists.

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I’m actually in the middle of setting up a similar workflow using SharePoint, Lists, Forms, and Power Automate. I was able to successfully setup and test a basic MS Power Automate Flow for this exact scenario.

The trigger a SharePoint trigger for when an item is created in lists (from the form submission), followed by the Create Task (V2) action for Asana. It’s not a perfect solution, but it captures enough information from the submitted fields that I can make it work for my process. A form is submitted, and then the information I need is created as a task in my Asana calendar for marketing projects. I have alerts setup so that if information changes on the SharePoint side, I am notified and can make updates to the Asana task. I imagine there are more advanced options in Power Automate, but being fairly new to it, I’m still learning the capabilities.

Zapier also has an integration for this but it requires a paid plan. It does allow for more flexibility with assigning and mapping custom fields, if you are using them on the Asana side. Hope that helps.

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Oof, that sounds like it’s over my head atm. I’ll have to see if it’s worth the effort to learn all that Microsoft stuff. :slight_smile:

Is the Create Task action triggered in Power Automate? I don’t see way to set up incoming actions like that as triggers on the Asana side.

Yes, it’s all in Power Automate and it’s fairly intuitive. The steps I followed were:

  1. Sign in to Power Automate (if your organization offers it)
  2. Click +Create in the left menu
  3. Select “Automated Cloud Flow”
  4. Enter a Flow Name
  5. Search “SharePoint Item” for the trigger
  6. Select SharePoint “When an item is created”
  7. Then click Create

In the editor select the trigger and enter the information in the fields to the left to connect to your Organization’s account.

Then hit the + sign under the trigger in the editor and click “Add an Action”

Search for “Create Task (V2) Asana”

You’ll need to connect your Asana account with the workspace and project ID you want to connect (you can find the ID in the URL and the workspace in your organization profile).

Then use the different fields to the left to carry information over - I used the “dynamic field” option so it sources information from the previous step, which is pulling the info from the item created on the SharePoint side.

Then save and test your flow to see if it works.

It probably won’t grab everything you’re looking for without more advanced editing, but I’ve never used Power Automate before and was able to get at least the basics to carry over to my Asana project.

The Zapier one was very easy to setup as well, but requires a paid plan for the features used.

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Thanks so much for outlining this for me! I’ll see if I can get this set up.