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Dear, I would like to ask you one thing one. I have a team of 7-10 people and we have a model which works in this way: I (site owner/administrator) write task/question and then each of my member teams write answer or note to my task. This answer can see only me and that particular person. Other team members do not see that answer. So it is only me as administrator that sees all the answers. And team members sees only their answer/note.

Can this be somehow set-up in Asana?

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Hey @vedranilakovac welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:
If you create tasks in your private Asana project or a project to which only you have access and nobody else then yes it is correct that only you have full access and other people only have access to the tasks you added them to. More info here Project permissions | Product guide • Asana

The team members will however see all tasks also under their “My Tasks” or if you prefer you can set up various projects to which you add team members to and then you can multi-home tasks.

And here is a great post by Bastien on who sees who: Who sees whom, a guide to guest visibility with Batman & Robin

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Hello, thank you for your feedback. My questions is not about crating Task and accesability to task. My Quesitons is about note/message/answer that post each member withing existing task. Can I set up one task for my team and that memebers only sees their answer/note/message and I see all everything. I would like that members do not see other members notes. Is that possible?

That is not possible. If you have one task and send messages there then everybody with access to the task will see it.

I recommend having separate tasks, a task per topic then it is easier for you to organize also. Or if you just want to send messages you can do so in a project also and just add the people that should be notified.

Otherwise go to your Asana inbox or messaging tab in a project and draft a message from there. You can add the people that should be notified and only these people will see


More info here: How to create messages in Asana | Product guide • Asana

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