Messages I've I sent Android App

Why doesn’t the Android mobile app have an option in the Inbox to display “Messages Ive Sent”?

Am I missing something?

This seems like a serious oversight.

@Julien_RENAUD could you check in your app to help? Thanks

Hi @Tom_Harney, we are planning to launch the new Messages tab on Android too. We will let you know as soon as it’s available!

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I confirm I don’t have it.
But if you use the search and remember the title then you can find messages.

I just think it’s odd that it isn’t present in the mobile app.

I hope this is resolved in a future, but sooner rather than later, release.

Thanks everyone for your replies.

Any idea when this new messages that allows filtering by “Messages I’ve Sent” feature will be available in Android?

Any updates?

I’ll answer for @Julien_RENAUD : we don’t have any insights regarding the roadmap and even when we do we are not allowed to talk about it :slight_smile:

Following up again.

It’s been about 2 months since I first made this inquiry.

Any timeline on this new Android Messaging feature mentioned in reply?


The lack of this feature is keeping us from adopting Asana.

It’s very odd this basic filter is missing. If some kind of timeline could be provided it would be helpful for developing our adoption timetable and onboarding our organization.

Really? Like this is a deal breaker for the entire app?

yes because we have people in the field assigning tasks via the Inbox. Once sent, it is often difficult to track down unless the assignee replies and it appears in the Inbox.

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For us, too, the lack of this feature is having us consider moving to another app. The inability to access the messages you sent makes follow-ups very difficult.

This has recently been resolved with the new “Messages” feature in the Android App. Bravo Asana! Thank you for fixing this!