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I’m looking for a way to capture mentions in comments from asana into tfs.

From what I’ve seen from the json I get in the comment sometimes the mention comes thru as the mentioned person board and other times as a list item.{gid}/board{gid}/list

Is there a clean way to work with mentions. We use Asana integrated with TFS. I need to mention the person in TFS from the json received from Asana.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Jaco_Lursen,

As described in the rich text developer guide, an @-mention link should look similar to the following.

<a href="" 

You can look for the data-asana-type="user" and data-asana-gid="12345" properties on a link to support your TFS integration.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much @David_Neal . Will give it a go.

@David_Neal pretty interesting. All @-mentions are coming thru as{gid} when I get the story from “type”:“comment”,“resource_subtype”:“comment_added”.

No rich text involved here.

@Jaco_Lursen Are you examining the text or html_text property? Note that the latter is opt-in so you’ll have to request it (i.e. opt_fields=html_text)

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Awesome: “/stories/story-id?opt_fields=html_text”

Thank you @Phil_Seeman . Much appreciated

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