Member setup as guest or temporary membership type added

Our team uses Asana and we are part of a large organization. When we need to collaborate with others in the organization but outside of our team, Asana detects our email domain and adds them as a paying member and we exceed the number of members we signed up for. In this case we have to manually remove them and set a structure for adding members and train users.

This is limiting because Asana is a great collaborating tool however in many cases we need to add others from within the organization to temporarily collaborate on tasks and projects. Is there a way to do so. Preferably we would like to treat them as a guest account. Or if this is not feasible, perhaps create a different role/member type for organization temporary members. Also limit the addition of members by end users systematically in order not to exceed the the number of members we signed up for and only allow system admins to add members

Hi @Maysoon_Sarabi, thanks for reaching out!

Good questions! It’s currently not possible to add a user that has an email address connected to your Organization as Guest. We have two product feedback categories related to these topics and I recommend you to upvote:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!