Manage Construction Company in Asana.

I own a construction company and I like to divide my teams by, Foremens, Carpenters, and Labors, I need to assign different teams to an existing project. What suggestion do you have for me on this case?

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In my case, my projects are the home address I work on it.

The concept of Teams of Asana should be/could be (sometimes) seen more as a folder system, and not so much as actual teams in your company. If you are ok with the concept, everyone can be a member of a team and see the projects inside, no need to structure things based on the “job” of people.

Does it help?


You could also have one team with projects (which are the address you work on) which could be your main team for you to organize everything and you can share access like Bastien mentioned. You can also restrict access to comment only if required in case you do not want others to edit tasks.

In case you want to split it up further you could set up a separate project for all tasks for your carpenters and multi-home the relevant tasks only so they have their own project with relevant tasks. Portfolio might come in handy too.

Here is a post I put together for a similar use case that might be handy.

There are a lot of options and ways to set it up but I agree with what Bastien mentioned. And I mean giving access to a team means that you can still restrict some projects so they are private to only you for example (in case you store some info there that you do not want others to see)


Give example what type folded I would create on a Construction Company structure?

You could have HR, Clients, IT, Sales… And within clients you have all the clients projects with your team mates collaborating?

Yet, is a trick with construction, I have 3 projects going now, and different work on each one of them, I am the only one using the asana, I like to manage all the projects and give the home owner a clear vision of the schedule, and check my tasks daily for each project

Thank you Bastien, I created the folling teams:

  • Active Projects - all my active projects.
    I create a project with the lead name and all the tasks, eventually I will automatization to do with a new lead.
    Company Goals
    I am open to any open mind sugestions:)

Ok, I am the only one using Asana at my business, so I need very simple way 5o manage tasks daily, so help me out:
I need look my tasks daily on phone on this simple way view:

Tasks for that project
Due today
Due this week
Due this month

Will be different projects on that view, but I want to see the projects and the 5asks separate by project.

I won’t be able to help any further on the forum, I believe you could benefit from a 1-on-1 with a consultant to look at your specific case. Maybe others could take over and help here!