Multiple Companies/Organisations

I am quite new to Asana and still trying to navigate the App. Since I manage multiple companies, having multiple teams each, and multiple projects, is there a way to create multiple organizations that can house teams and projects?

Note that in the group of companies, we use one and same domain name.

Hi @Jan_Go,

If the multiple companies all use the same domain name, then it will be considered as one “Organization” by Asana - which is probably fine because if you house all work by all of the companies in that Organization, you’ll easily be able to see assigned tasks across all companies, a good thing.

So I would think you’d want to make each company be a Team within that Organization. That would mean, though, that you wouldn’t be able to use Teams as another hierarchy level within each company. If you do want to use teams within each company, you could just preface each team’s name with its company name.

Others here may have additional thoughts as well…


Thanks Phil. Prefacing the team with each company name (under the group of companies) may be the option now to still have some heirarchy.

Even with that, people in the organisation wont be able to see unless invited in the team “or” specific project in that team?

Only if you don’t make it a public team or project. If you make it public, all full members of the org will be able to see it.

More info on Team access: Team permissions | Product guide • Asana

More info on Project access: Project permissions | Product guide • Asana


Fantastic! Thanks Phil.

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