Make way for Universal Workload!

Would love to see this come to business tier, for those of us in organizations so large that an enterprise plan isn’t and won’t ever be supported by IT.


Would really appreciate this on the business plan.


Another upvote for Universal Workload for the Business plan! If anything, this seems a lot more like a small business feature.

A large company has a real “marketing team” that they can dump their marketing projects in a portfolio and track their marketing team’s workload. Whereas in small business a person often helps with both the marketing, production, maybe even some finance help etc so a universal workload would be incredibly helpful.

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When we talk about private tasks, I think there are 2 aspects :

  • see the details
  • or to see only the associated load without knowing what it is

If we make the parallel with Outlook calendars for example, it is possible to see the availability of people without sharing the details of appointments, and I hope that we can do the same in Workload, because otherwise it is like asking to plan meetings without knowing the availability of people. And so if Worload never shows people’s total load, then it may look like a colleague is available when he or she isn’t at all.

I understand that Workload will not show the details of private tasks and this is logical, but will the duration of these private tasks be taken into account in the load curve?

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100% agree on this. Essentially the “Private” setting in Outlook for a given meeting that hides details but shows blocked out times.

Since enabling this type of functionality would require previously hidden projects/names of said projects to be revealed to those building the workload view since the hidden tasks sit under their project names, I imagine those project names may need to be censored as well somehow to maintain privacy. If the manager then sees these revealed as part of the rollup, however, I wonder if that could create uncomfortable conversations as to what’s on those boards that needs to be hidden from a manager. However, I still feel a manager should still require visibility into where a direct report spends time on things in order to better serve them with say additional support. Without 100% visibility. hard to justify that a direct report needs say additonal FTEs to help with the work.


It would also be very useful to include resource time from “My Tasks” in the workload totals. I have a number of project resources that are also tasked with non-project work. The ability to see the non-project work in the workload would give a tremendous indication of availability.

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Get this on the business plan asap!

I don’t think this will happen…

Since Workload is already a feature within our Business plan, why wouldn’t you include Workload reporting for Business users? This doesn’t make sense.

This is simply a way to provide more value to Enterprise users…