Make project sub-goal

Most of the “sub-goals” of my company goals end up being a project we’re working on. I have to duplicate a project as a sub-goal when it would be much easier if the project could be a sub-goal and it’s status could be tracked with the way a project status tracks.

Hi @natalie.bergsma, thank you for your question. Making a project a sub-goal is certainly helpful. This should be doable by following these steps:

  1. Add a new goal
  2. At the bottom of the Add goal window, choose the following
  3. Update method: Automatic
  4. Progress source: Projects
  5. Measurement: Select either Milestones complete or Tasks complete

For example:

Then you can select Connect a project and your selected project effectively becomes a subgoal and it’s progress will be tracked automatically inside of the parent goal.