Major Outage 01/22/19

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I’m unable to access Asana apps this morning. I know there was an outage yesterday. Is anyone experiencing issues this morning as well?

Browser version: Mobile android app, Edge and chrome

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Hi @Katie_Reynolds and thanks for the report. We’re unfortunately experiencing an outage at the moment. Please keep an eye on for the latest updates! Than you so much for your patience!

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My Email In tasks isnt working.

Ive tested it in various ways.

Anyone else finding this?

Asana is currently down - that’s likely the issue. Looks like it’s mostly back up now, though. See:



I cannot get into my app. Please email me if you have a solution to the error message 503 that I am receiving.

Hi @Tyler_Karlstad and apologies for the trouble; we have experienced some difficulties today, which probably explains why you’re running into this message. For the latest updates, have a look at Again, so sorry for the trouble!

I’m having issues with Asana on my mobile app showing projects but not tasks? Anything going on?

Same issue here

We are still having issues connecting through web. It keeps going and coming back. I noticed that there was an outage in the morning but it seems it is not fixed completely.

Correct @Ritu_Sharma, we’ve been experiencing some difficulties today, for more details and to follow on the latest updates, have a look at So sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Intermittently down for us today up to this minute. Seems something in the maintenance that ran early this morning caused an issue.

Moving this thread to #bugs:resolved-bugs in the Forum; our team will soon release a post-mortem blog article to communicate further regarding this outage; I’ll make sure to post here when they do!

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