Maintaining HIPAA Compliance while working with externally with our customers

We have been looking for a way to assign tasks to our customers during launch and partners (ongoing) right now, those tasks are owned by the person emailing those customers and partners (very inefficient).

We have to maintain HIPAA compliance and some of our larger customers require even more compliance.

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My original idea was to create separate organizations for each partner and our Tier 1 customers. However, I was informed that the organizations won’t communicate, as in I can’t have a project automate and send some tasks over to a project in the new organization. We want some parts of the projects living in our locked down org so customers don’t see our back and forth, and sometimes things going haywire.

The next option was Divisions. I am seeing in posts that you can not turn off the “invite anyone” option. We 100% do not want guests inviting other guests. I am also struggling to understand how to set up the divisions and how the UX would be for me as the super admin and manager of this.

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@Julien_RENAUD Any recommendations from the Divisions expert?

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@KimberlyAnn_DiCredic Have you tried with multi homing?
You could have a intern project, and a extern project, and you could multi home only the tasks you want to show to the extern project.

Concerning divisions, have you already read my post? (link provided by @Paul_Grobler the previous message)

The problem is our security and our larger customers will want it more separated. So I was looking into organizations. I did read your post and some of the comments on it. I didn’t fully grasp what the experience will be like, also sounds like with divisions guests can invite other guests and that can not be turned off?

How do I set up a division? Can tasks multi home in different divisions?

If you want to control who can invite guests then you need to have the “Enterprise” version.


You have to ask Asana to create it.

Yes you can multi home it outside the division.

Thanks, Julien, we do have Enterprise. What do you mean ask Asana to create a Divison?

I also used to be able to create different organizations, are Divisions the replacement for that?

I mean that you can’t create a divisiob alone, thus you need to contact the Asana Support:

Divisions don’t replace an organisation, they are part of an organisation, and the division can have its specific settings and version (Premium or Business or Enterprise, even if the orga is free for instance)

Okay, thank you!
Is there Divison Limitations? (like a number of them allowed?)
If I have tasks in an enterprise division and want them also on another one, does that too have to be enterprise?
Lastly, if I invite a guest into a division all they can access is that project in that division, correct?

No you can have several divisions, but divisions only exist in Free Organizations, it is impossible to have a Division in a paid Organization. Thus, if the org is Enterprise, then you should have it free with several Enterprise divisions.

I don’t think so, you can multi home it, but the user from outside won’t see the project name as he/she is not in the division. And you invite him/her in the project then he/she will count for 1 licence.

If you invite the guest only in the project then yes.