🎵 Love Me Tender - Using Asana For A Bid/Tendering Process

Managing bid processes can get complicated but essentially they follow the same process each time. Whether you are submitting bids out for work or are receiving bids in from other people you can manage this in ASANA.

I would recommend an intake style board view project. The sections will pertain to the stage the bid is in.

Our First Example is A Collecting Bids Project

For example:

For the input of Bids you would use an Asana form. This form if set to public can be accessed via a link in a browser, meeting that anyone can submit a bid providing you send them a form along with the overview of the project they are bidding on. You can house the documents in the bid process project under the overview so that they are easily accessible.

You can build out your form with various customised questions such as pricing, description of delivery etc

Our Second Example is A Submitting Bids Project

Essentially it would be a similar design in the board view but the sections that the Bid moves through would look something like the below.

You can list your tasks as the bids you have sent out or use a form to record them in a standard way, uploading your proposals and notes along the way.

Use custom fields to specify the bids by type and value and any other categories you might want to report upon or sort by.

In both cases when the bid is either approved or won, we can use a rule to convert that Bid task into a project automatically. If you have a template of a project that your successful bids follow you can use the rule with the trigger of “when task is moved to a section” and the action of “Convert to project from task” and select the template you want the new project created to follow.

This new project will link to information gathered in the existing task so that you have all the information you have gathered along the bid process.

As always let me know your thoughts and suggestions!

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