Looking to learn how other artist management teams organize their Asana?

We are a small artist management company new to Asana. Our goal is to create a productive seamless Asana space for our artists and team. Any feedback or help is greatly appreciated.


It is a large topic =) do you have specific use cases you need help with?

More specifically we are interested in learning how other artist management agencies organize their artists work and teams.
For example: Is it ideal to make each Artist a Project then create sections for each aspect of the management ie: Booking, PR, New Releases ect …or

Create a seperate project for each project that arises for the artist with sections that phases of work. ie: Artist Name: Operation Project : XXX Release Sony Records Sections: Upcoming Work, Work In Progress, Stages

I hope I made this clear. If not, I will try again. :slight_smile:

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That would be exactly that. I did work with a recording studio recently and the conclusion was:

  • each artist get a dedicated project with sections like songs and admin stuff
  • each artist is also a task, in an “Artists” list, and each task is multi-homed as the first task of the artist’s project
  • each song is both a project (with all the details of the people involved) and a task (in a Songs list). The artist is multi-homed in the song’s project, and the song is multi-homed in the artist’s project

If you need help from an Asana Certified Pro to help you design the best organization, feel free to reach out :wave:

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Thank you for this information. Yes, it would be very helpful to speak with an Asana Certified Pro to help really streamline our organization as we are about to add team members and dont want to spend time back tracking.

How do we move ahead with this?

You can contact me on https://minimalist-work.com/asana/consulting :+1: